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Feria de Paques, Arles

The start of bull fighting season is held at Easter

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The Easter Fair in Arles heralds the start of the bullfighting season in France, and celebrations are held throughout the city, but the main events are held in the Roman Arena.

It is also an opportunity for visitors to find out more about this centuries-old tradition from bullfighting enthusiasts.

The programme (in French only) includes concerts, music and dancing, as well as parades and bullfights. Find it by clicking on the website link on this page.

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Roman arena (Arenes d'Arles)


While many tourists and outsiders may disapprove, tauromachie (bullfighting) has a long history in Arles, and offers a rare opportunity to view local life. It’s also a great way to experience Arles’ Roman arena in use. There are actually two types of bullfighting practised in the area. The first is much more gentle and rarely involved injury to the person, and the bulls are not killed. 'Razeteurs' pluck ribbons and cockades from the bulls' horns, using a particular barbed glove to do this. More popular or more common at least is, of course, the more Spanish-style 'corridas'. This involves several traditional rituals, sticking decorated spears or barbs into the bulls back, lancing them from horseback and finally killing the bull with a single sword stroke to the heart.


Map of the surrounding area