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Attractions in Provence

Discover the top reasons to visit Provence


There is so much to see and do in Provence that we decided to narrow it down to just a few 'must see' things for you! This is by no means an exhaustive list, but we certainly don't want you to miss out on the best that the beautiful region of Provence has to offer.

Caving / Pot-holing

Caving is a great way to see the underground world carved out beneath our feet. Trips can be organised in various locations across Provence with guides and activity companies. You can try a 'discovery session' to see if you like being underground, or get more stuck in and go on a longer trip which might involve abseiling underground, squeezing through tight passages and exploring deeper caves and lakes.


In the heart of Provence sits the city of Avignon. A beautiful walled city with some of the most famous buildings, attractions and festivals in the region. If you are thinking of coming to provence then a visit here is a must and it acts as a great base to explore much of the region and specifically the lavender fields and vineyards that Provence is famous for.


The options to visit Chateaux throughout the region is endless...many of then you will see on hilltops as you drive through the landscape or pass by on a train. Our favourite by far is the Chateau des Baux. Here you can discover the true medieval experience and enjoy activities such as archery, falconry and fantastic re-enactments. A great day out for all the family.


Provence is without a doubt one of Europe’s most beautiful and varied sports climbing venues. An abundance of top quality limestone means that the island has an unparalleled variety of routes of all grades - suitable for experienced and beginner climbers.


Cycling through the vineyards, stopping to sample the wine and probably buying a crate to take home...what better way to spend a day! But if you really want a challenge then the cycle ride up the legendary Mont Ventoux is something to tick off your list. This beast of a mountain, known as the 'Giant of Provence' has featured in numerous Tour de France stages is littered with cyclists on a daily basis. Best get on your bike and join them!


Although the hot summer months are busy and sometimes oppressive with their heat it is definitely the best time of year to visit if you want to experience the cultural and music festivals. The Avignon Festival has a global reputation and creates a magical atmosphere in the city that is impossible to ignore.

Regardless of where you are staying in Provence, there is sure to be a local town market. A visit to the market gives you a flavour of the real Provence, from fresh fruit and vegetables to the old men sipping Pastis in the corner and the odd game of petanque. This is an experience that you MUST have!

Food & drink

With no shortage of restaurants, cafes and French patisseries across Provence, dining on delicious food is not a problem. The problem may arise however as you have to make your choice on which restaurant to visit! We've selected some of the best for you to try but you can always ask the locals for a recommendation.

Nature & Wildlife

The countryside in Provence is second to none. The rolling hills, rivers, gorges, lavender fields and rows of vines. A walk or cycle through the countryside gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy the wild flowers, colours and smells of the region.


There are a number of hilltop sanctuaries and small chapels dotted around the region that you can explore on foot from the large network of hiking trails and roads that criss-cross the region.

Scenic trains

A number of different train lines cross Provence and the Cote d'Azur but only a handful of them are true 'scenic' train journeys - for example the Train des Pignes which brings you into Provence from the coast, or the Train des Merveilles which as the name suggests leads you to some marvellous mountains, sights and attractions.

Sea & beach

Provence offers lots of lake and river swimming with inland beaches, as well as the many you'll find on the riviera in Antibes, Nice, Cannes, St Tropez and Monaco.


All across Provence (and the Cote d'Azur) you will find the usual selection of high street shops, designer labels and local boutiques. But to be honest, most people come to Provence for the farmers markets full of fresh Provencal style produce and the brocantes with their mixture of antiques and curiosities.

Traditional villages

The hilltop villages in Provence are beautiful, idyllic and in some cases, otherworldly. It is hard to believe that people actually live in them. The best way to experience them is to hire a car and take your time to drive around and fully appreciate them. Alternatively, if you prefer a more energetic approach then cycling between can be particularly rewarding.


There are several waterparks in Provence, with a couple down on the coast, and one close to Avignon. Hugely popular, they are the perfect place for families and groups to enjoy the hot summer days. All have a good selection of slides and rides, and there are other family attractions and activities on site.

Wine & vineyards

Provence is best known for its rose wine, the perfect aperitif at the end of any long day...or a cooling drink with lunch, an afternoon tipple, accompaniment to a delicious Provencal fact, a glass of rose is perfect at any time of day! So visiting the local vineyards to discover more about the wine making process and to sample a few vintages is high on our list of 'things to do' in Provence.