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Top 10 adventure sports to try in Provence

Flying, jumping, rafting, kitesurfing.. Provence has it all

Coming on holiday to Provence doesn't necessarily have to mean that you have to step down a gear and enjoy life at a slower pace of life, although there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. 

The region also offers the more adventurous holidaymaker plenty of options to get out and enjoy a vast range of thrills and spills as well. 

Here are our top 10 favourite adventure sports to try out on your trip to Provence.

Wet & Wild

Waterskiing & Wakeboarding
Exo 84 operate a professional and exciting water-ski and wakeboard park 40km north of Avignon. An enormous 5-pylon loop complete with kickers and rails is plenty to keep more experienced riders entertained for the day. A 2-pylon point-to-point system also operates separately which is the perfect place for beginners to learn the techniques and get up to speed before moving to the larger park. Prices start at around €22 an hour for adults and weekly and seasonal passes are available. Stand-Up Paddle boards are available to hire on site.

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Exo 84 Watersports, Lamotte-du-Rhône

Kitesurfing in the Camargue 
Visitors to the Camargue region will be in awe of the natural beauty and the wildlife in the area. Also on offer is the chance to strap on a board, raise a kite and skim across the waters there on the mistral wind. For kite surfers with their own gear head straight to Beauduc beach and strap in. For beginners and the hiring of equipment check out the many kite-surfing schools and rental-companies like MistralKitePassion. Weekdays are usually the best day to go as the beach is less crowded. Beginners should be aware that there can be a long-period of training before being allowed on the water for safety reasons.

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Kitesurfing Mallorca, Alcudia

White-Water Rafting in the Gorge du Verdon
White-water rafting is a thrilling and heart-racing experience; you and a group of your friends can battle the fast currents and manoeuvre between the rocks along the Verdon River. The stunning setting of the Verdon Gorge with its beautiful high cliff faces and turquoise water is the perfect place for this activity. Base Sport Nature based out of Castellane will provide everything you need for your adventure or you can find more canoeing companies on our watersports page

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Eskimos a l'Eau Watersports, Nice

There are many companies offering kayaking experiences around Provence and the many rivers that run through it. Each route is almost guaranteed to put you right in the middle of some of nature’s most stunning sights as you spend an enjoyable day on the water. Along La Sorgue river Canoe Evasion offers day trips and excursions for all the family. Check out our review of Goud-Canoe who offer trips along La Céze river and with Canoe Collias you can canoe under and around the famous Pont du Gard aqueduct.

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a photo of a river and a bridge

Head for Heights

Bungee Jumping
If you’ve ever felt like you needed to hurl yourself off the biggest bungee jumping bridge in Europe then that is completely possible at Artuby Bridge with Latitude Challenge. Set between the huge cliffs of Verdon Gorge the free-fall of 182 metres ensures thrills as you plunge down towards the beautiful Verdon River. Booking is required and the jump is weather dependant.

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Latitude Challenge Activity Company, Gorges du Verdon

Jumping out of an aeroplane is on pretty much everyone’s bucket list, so ticking it off while free-falling over Avignon, The Rhone River and the Alpilles Mountains is the way to do it. Skydive Pujaut will teach you, take you up and toss you out if you ask them nicely. Pujaut is only about ten minutes from Avignon by car and it’s a small traditional French village worth seeing in its own right. 

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Skydive Pujaut Activity Company, Pujaut


Paintball in St Remy-de-Provence
Ghost Zone Paintball has 5 different terrains to discover if you feel the need to unleash the fury on your friends and family in the form of paintballs. They provide all the equipment necessary and provide a run-down on how to use the equipment. They also operate a laser-tag game if getting shot at by high-velocity paintballs isn’t high on your to-do-list. There are a handful of other companies offering paintball experiences in Provence, which you can find via the link below. 

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image of someone paintballing in the forest

Take to the skies

Hot air ballooning
Take to the skies over Provence in a Hot-Air Balloon and experience the region from a new perspective. Powered only by hot air and directed by the wind, these hot-air balloons provide excitement and romance as you cruise over Provence. 

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people in a hot air balloon

Hit the trails

Mountain biking
MTB of all levels is available in Provence. From the awesome mass of Mont Ventoux to the nature parks of Verdon, there is something for everyone whether you are into downhill mountain-biking or cross-country riding, with some lift access if an uphill ascent doesn’t appeal to you. Check out our mountain biking guide to Provence and find some of the many trails you can ride.

Quad Biking in Saint-Remy-de-Provence
Provence Quad Location are the go-to guys in this area for some off-road quad-biking through vineyards and lavender fields. You get a real taste of the countryside and get to shoot around on a quad-bike with guidance an assistance from experienced riders. Check out our activity review of a day spent on the quad bikes.

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a group of people quad biking

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