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Best Local Produce from Provence

Discover the top Provence local produce


The appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) is the certification granted by the French government to ensure that all wines, cheese and certain agricultural products are produced in the region of their origin, in the traditional manner, using specific ingredients.

For example a sparkling white wine may only be called a champagne if is produced in the Champagne region of France using specific grapes; and a Beaufort cheese may only bear that name if it has been made from the milk of Tarentaise or Abondance cows in the region of Beaufort in the time-honoured fashion.

There is a strict labeling policy which means that only items that adhere to the guidelines can bear the AOC seal on its label or rind. This ensures a certain amount of quality control and protects the heritage of many quintessentially French products.

Traditional French confectionery made in lozenge shapes

Calissons from Provence

Locally produced cheese tends to be goats cheese

French Cheese from Provence

Provence is the largest truffle producing region in France

French Truffles from Provence

Provence is filled with orchards & agricultural land

Fruit & Vegetables from Provence

The town of Cavaillon celebrates the great melon!

Melon de Cavaillon

A traditional local confectionery made with almonds & honey

Montelimar Nougat, Provence

Olive groves flourish in Provence's mild climate

Olives from Provence

Aniseed based drink produced in the south of Provence

Pastis - The Spirit of Provence

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