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Festo Pitcho 2020, Avignon

Theatre-based festival with dance, music, storytelling & marionettes

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Festo Pitcho is the name for the strong spring weather in the Vaucluse region. The festival itself is named after this.

Organised by a collective of cultural and educational bodies and the local authorities around their common desire to offer a dedicated celebration for children. An opening parade takes place on the first Saturday of the event in the streets of Avignon. Families and friends are invited to participate in the Festo Pitcho Parade alongside professional artists.

Come and discover theatre performances, marionettes, music, dance, storytelling, poetry... in performances for all ages, given by a collective of cultural and educational structures and local groups. Above all don’t miss the opening Festo Pitcho Parade on March 28th in the city centre from 14:30.

A great family event and spectacle to behold in the spring.


Various locations


Map of the surrounding area