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Cathedral Notre Dame des Pommiers, Sisteron

Cathedral of Sisteron, now known as Church of Notre Dame des Pommiers

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A Roman Catholic church that was once a catherdral and is now a national monument in France.

Built between 1160 and 1220, it was once the seat of the Bishops of Sisteron. The bishopric was abolished under the Concordat of 1801 and merged into the Diocese of Digne.

This Romanesque building, one of the most sizeable religious structures in Provence.

The cathedral is free to visit.

Worth knowing

The cathedral was built to house the relics of the Holy Cross and those of St. Thyrse, the patron saint of the city. It is also called Église Notre-Dame des Pommiers, or "Our Lady of the Apple trees" which is a deterioration of the Latin word "pomoerium" which designated the space between the houses and the ramparts and has nothing to do with apples.

Visitor comments

  • "Good starting point for exploring the old town" - Trip Advisor
  • "It is worth taking a moment to enter and walk around to appreciate the distinctive architecture." - Trip Advisor

When to come

Opening dates are from the end of March to the end of October and opening times are subject to changes dependant on the season so please check at the reception.


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