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The Temple of Diana, Nimes

The ruins of a Roman temple on the outskirts of Nimes centre

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This Roman monument may not have the grandure and scale of some of the other Roman buildings in Nimes, but is interesting and worth a visit nonetheless.

No-one is quite sure of its original use nor the reason it came by its name.

Today it is partly ruined although you can see columns, corridors, vaults and niches which may have been used to display statues.

A fire is believed to have destroyed it around 1600.

You'll find it alongside the Jardins de la Fontaine and it's free to visit.

Visitor comments

  • "Free and interesting, if you're into architecture it's great. If you're in the gardens you might as well go see it." - Trip Advisor
  • "This is a nice temple, but it is in a rather dilapidated state. Very little remains of the original building, but you get a sense of what might have been once. It built possibly in the early first century, but some believe it could have been the second century AD. Whatever the date, it was used for various purposes, even.." - Trip Advisor
  • "We liked looking at the Temple of Diana but it does not have the appeal or the grandeur of the other Roman sites we viewed. Still worth a look." - Trip Advisor


Map of the surrounding area