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Musee Calvet Fine Art and Archeology, Avignon

Acknowledged as 'Musee de France' due to the importance of its collections

The Calvet Museum today houses works of art from the 16th to 20th century, and holds innumerable collections donated or bequeathed by patrons, art lovers and collectors, such as Baron de Montfaucon, Esprit Requien, Noël Biret, the Montlaur family, and recently Marcel Puech.

The importance of its collections has led the Calvet Museum to be considered a "Museum of France". It counts tens of thousands of items on its inventory, which belong to fields as diverse as archaeology, the fine arts (paintings, sculptures, drawings), the decorative arts (gold and silverware, earthenware and porcelain, tapestry, ironware) and ethnology (Asia, Oceania, Africa).


  • 65 rue Joseph-Vernet, 84000 AVIGNON
Map of the surrounding area