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Arenes d'Arles

Wonderful Roman amphitheatre in the heart of Arles

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A very impressive Roman monument, the amphitheatre is the most famous and most visited sight in Arles today. It measures 136 metres by 107 metres which is sligtly larger than the amphitheatre in Nimes.

There are two levels that feature 60 beautiful arches. With 34 steps, the spectator area was divided into sections which would be filled according to social status. An intricate system of galleries, passages and stairways ensured easy access for the audience to reach their sections.

The arena was excavated in the 19th century and is now in a very good state of repair. It is open to the public for a small fee throughout the year. The arena is used for both bullfights and 'course camarguise' (the bull is not killed in these fights). It is also home to annual festivals and concerts in Arles.
Entrance costs €9 for adults or €6 with concessions.

Worth knowing

It dates back to around AD 90 when it was used for gladitorial fights and animal hunts. It would have held over 200,000 people in its hey-day. After the 5th century it was used as a kind of fortress to protect the townspeople in the unsettled times of the Middle Ages.


Map of the surrounding area