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East Provence

Discover the top destinations in east Provence


You can't help but associate the French Riviera with glamour, wealth, the casino's of Monte-Carlo and the fantastic Cannes film festival. It's a place where the rich and famous have been coming for over 150 years and the grandeur of the coastal promenades that reflect it's aristocratic history.

Nowadays, it is still home to the internationally wealthy who provide a ready & willing clientèle to the numerous designer boutiques, swanky bars and lavish hotels. Behind the glitz however, there is a softer side to the Cote d'Azur with the historic old towns that are filled with little lanes, ancient buildings and old harbours (home to traditional fishing boats and luxury yachts). 

Just set back from the beautiful coast with the azur blue waters are the Alpes-Martimes. A string of mountains that offer hiking, cycling, mountain biking, climbing, running and whole host of other outdoor pursuits.