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North Provence

Discover the top destinations in north Provence


Not officially part of Provence, the Drome is actually in the Rhone-Alps region of France. But it is so beautiful and so close to the northern villages of Vaucluse that we decided to include it in our guide anyway.

It is often described as what Provence used to be like before tourism took hold and prices went up. The Drome retains the charm and peacefulness of rural Provence, with olive groves, lavender fields and vineyards belonging to the Cote du Rhone wine region. The main towns in the Drome are Montelimar, famous for it's nougat, and Nyons, which nestles within green hills, orchards and olive groves. Black truffles are also renowned in this area, with St Paul Trois Chateau being the centre for these gourmet delicacies. Medieval villages are scattered throughout the countryside, with their castles (both ruined & restored), Romanesque churches and weekly markets.