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Ile de la Barthelasse, Avignon

One of the largest river islands in Europe, in the heart of Avignon

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The perfect setting for a Sunday walk or a family bike ride is just a short ferry trip away from the city centre of Avignon on the Ile de la Barthelasse.

The Barthelasse island lays between two river arms and is spread over 700 hectares. Being riddled with little roads and paths makes this a very pleasant place to walk, run or bike around.

"When Avignon's medieval popes needed a break from the hubbub of their walled city, they crossed a bridge to this island in the middle of the Rhone River. Centuries later, Ile de la Barthelasse and adjoining Ile de Piot--whose vineyards, vegetable gardens, and pear, apple, and cherry orchards cover more than half of their nearly three total square miles--still make for a wonderful getaway."

There are also plenty watersports available around the island with kayaking, jet skiing and swimming.


The best way to reach the island, is to hop on the boat (navette) which runs just up river from the Pont St Bénezet to the Ile de la Barthelasse. A five-minute ferry service is free and crosses frequently every day. It runs between easter and end of summer. Watch out, it is France so there is a lunch break!


Map of the surrounding area