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Watch Perseids Meteor shower in Provence

Where, when & how to watch the meteor shower

featured in News & reviews Author Ana Hernández, Provence Editor Updated

The most spectacular astronomical event of the summer is just around the corner, with the Perseids crossing the sky of Provence from August 9th to 15th, with Monday night being the best time to watch them.

The Perseids are fragments of dust from the Swift-Tuttle comet which ignite when they enter the atmosphere. They are also known as the 'tears of Saint Lawrence' because they usually coincide with the saint's celebration on August 10th. This year, they will be visible from August 9th to 15th, especially on the night of Monday 12th.

Even if the almost-full moon on Monday night may be a bit too bright, eclipsing some of the famous shooting stars, clear skies and an average temperature of 22ºC will make it the perfect time to head outdoors and watch this beautiful natural phenomenon.

You only need to head as far away from inhabited areas as possible to see them. Hills, beaches and the countryside are prime observation spots. Just direct your view to the constellation of Perseus, to the right of the Ursa Major, otherwise known as the 'Plough', and enjoy!