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Cathedrale St Sauveur, Aix-en-Provence

Featuring the famous triptych 'Mary in the Burning Bush'

Aix's cathedral has its origins in the 5th century and it has been added to throughout the centuries. 

Thus, Romanesque, Gothis, Renaissance and baroque styles are all apparent in its exterior.

Inside, there is a polygonal 5th century Merovingian baptistry (the Frank dynasty) and a 15th century triptych (panel painting) 'Mary in the Burning Bush' by Nicholas Froment.

Services still take place here on a regular basis. 

Visitor comments

  • “Beautiful Old Cathedrale!!!” - Trip Advisor
  • "I was truly awed by this unique cathedral. The cathedral soars to the heavens! I had missed this cathedral 10 years ago and we were thankful to my wife's sister for suggesting the visit after lunch." - Trip Advisor
  • “Magnificent old building” - Trip Advisor

Map of the surrounding area