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Uzes, Provence

Charming medieval town to the west of Avignon

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A delightful historic town, Uzes is blessed with charm in it's narrow medieval streets, beautiful architecture and elegant mansions.

The main sights are the Duche d'Uzes, and the Jardin Medieval which has a loevly collection of botanical plants. The town is proud of becoming the very first duchy in France, and was the premiere title in France after the Royal family.

History & Culture in Uzes

Originally a small Gallo-Roman settlement, the town lies at the site of a Roman aqueduct that was built in the first century BC to supply water to the city of Nimes.

Throughout the centuries is was known to be a Jewish community, and although they were expelled from the city in 614, it hosted a small community of Jewish scolars during the 13th century.

Known for its cloth-manufacturing and specifically for its 'serges' (a particular type of woven cloth), the city and the surrounding countryside were strongly Protestant during the Wars of Religion in the 16th century, which wreaked havoc thoughout the the Languedoc. Many of the city's churches were trashed and burned by furious Protestants: only two remain today.

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Sights & Attractions in Uzes

Perhaps the most iconic image of Uzes is of the windowed tower that sits high above the roof tops and above the Uzes Cathedral. This church has a long history and has been rebuilt many times throughout the centuries.

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Events in Uzes

Well known in the region for its Saturday morning market, which not only sells local produce and farmers goods, but also cloths of the region and souvenirs.

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Things to Do in Uzes

Uzes has a colourful market on Wednesday mornigns and on Saturdays, and hosts annual festivals  for the locally grown purple garlic (June), and for truffles (January). The area around Uzes is famed for producing white clay and there are numerous potteries in St Questin la Poterie, where you can visit a pottery museum and make purchases.

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