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Bargeme, Provence

Glorious & remote Provencal village with a ruined castle

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Officially recognised as one of the 'most pretty villages in France', Bargeme is situated to the west of Verdon on a hill top 1097 metres above sea level.

It's located in the eastern edges of the Verdon National Park, to the north of Seillans. It is surrounded by beautiful green countryside, with rolling hills and views to die for. It's fairly remote so you'll need a car to visit. This tiny 12th century hamlet is very cute and is pretty much dominated by the ruined towers of its medieval castle. It's also now a World Heritage Site.

Sights & Attractions in Bargeme

The castle is not open to the public but there is enough of it on view to get a good feel of what it must have looked like. There's not a lot to do here - there are some artisan shops here and a restaurant - but the views are spectacular and the surrounding countryside has a number of trails running through the hillsides and forests, and on to the Gorge du Verdons.

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Things to Do in Bargeme

The area is criss-crossed with hiking trails and footpaths which allow you to explore the local woods and forests. A Grand Randonnee route - G49 - passes through Bargeme. The trail to the west will take you to Rougon, and the trail east takes you to Mons, Tourrettes and eventually all the way to Saint Raphael on the south coast.

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Hotels in Bargeme

The closest character hotel to Bargeme is the Chateau de Trigance Hotel, about 10 miles to the west. It's a proper medieval castle with only 10 rooms and traditional furniture.

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